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REVA, the ElectriCity car: voiture électrique REVA elektrische auto
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The vision of Reva Electric Car Company (RECC)

Sorry: there is no more distributor for REVA electric cars in Belgium...
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The vision of Reva Electric Car Company

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The vision of Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) is to establish a tradition
of excellence and leadership in environment friendly urban transportation
by offering the best value and highest quality electric vehicles in the world.
REVA electric vehicles enable an immediate impact to be made on city pollution and on fuel independence whilst saving money to REVA owners. For example, for the price of a full tank of petrol, a REVA electric vehicles will deliver a year’s city commuting.
  Vison of RECC
In addition, REVA electric vehicles address our urgent need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid disastrous effects of climate change. The scientific consensus is that, by 2050, CO2 emissions will need to be reduced by 80% in developped countries, which undoubtebly requires a rapid transition to battery electric vehicles for everyday commuting.
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