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REVA, the ElectriCity car: voiture électrique REVA elektrische auto
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Sorry: there is no more distributor for REVA electric cars in Belgium...
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REVA , a really clean car!

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Interested in electric vehicles?

Then visit www.going-electric.org
the website of the Association for Electric Vehicles in Europe


…clean and quite cities where vehicles cruise silently without tailpipe emission. Cities where you can happily breathe clean air and enjoy birds singing…

This dream is now possible thanks to the REVA, the best-selling electric car in the world. Perfectly silent, REVA electric cars emit zero pollutant.

Furthermore, REVA electric cars mitigate climate change: The electricity they consume in Belgium causes about 3 times less CO2 than the cleanest petrol cars… and virtually zero CO2 with renewable or nuclear electricity!


 More info on the environmental impact of electric cars


Parler d'environnement, c'est bien.
Rouler en REVA , c'est mieux!

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